?What is the similarity and difference between quinoa and caviar

You may be interested to know that quinoa is not classified as a grain; But it has many special similarities. Organic quinoa is very famous and has many characteristics. In addition to using the seeds, the leaves of this plant can also be used as a fresh vegetable or cooked in salads and dishes. In the beginning, quinoa was cultivated in South America; But fortunately, due to the wide variety of climates that exist in Iran and the growing need of the Iranian people for this valuable material, the production and planting of quinoa began.In this article, we are going to examine the similarities and differences between quinoa and caviar.

How to cook quinoa

The cooking method of quinoa is similar to that of rice, which is very useful for the health of the body and has great nutritional value. By using quinoa products, you can prepare a variety of vegetarian dishes such as dolmeh, hot and cold salads, cocoa, istanbuli, burgers, soups, dinners, or together with proteins such as meat and other vegetables. Quinoa contains 9 essential amino acids, which can be said to be a complete protein to the extent that quinoa is also known as a vegetable caviar in the world.


Caviar is a unique and energetic food that has a wonderful taste and smell. One of the most obvious features of caviar is the fat in it, which is divided into two categories, including 25% of cholesterol and 75% of lecithin. Among the properties and benefits of caviar, we can mention prevention of depression and cardiovascular diseases; Due to having a high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids.

On the other hand, caviar is because of having a type of fatty alcohol with a long chain that is converted into fatty acids in the body. Therefore, you should be very careful; Because fatty acids play an important role in nerve cell coverings, and because of this, consumption of caviar can be very useful and effective for the health of nerve cells.

Due to the presence of omega-3 fatty acids in caviar, it can be said that there is no reason to worry; Because caviar prevents blood cholesterol from rising and cardiovascular diseases. By consuming caviar, we can prevent problems such as arthritis, cancer, and diseases caused by the digestive system. Caviar is also a rich source of iron and is highly recommended for people suffering from anemia and iron deficiency.


Caviar consumption method

Caviar is one of the most expensive breakfast in the world. This food is often used raw or with egg yolks or onion pieces. Some people also eat a small amount of it with aromatic vegetables or with bread and butter. Some people eat it raw and without bread. It may be interesting for you to know that black caviar is very famous in Iran and southern Russia, which is much more expensive than red caviar, which has many fans in Siberia.

Comparison of quinoa and caviar in terms of nutritional value

The similarity between quinoa and caviar is that they contain potassium, potassium is great for lowering blood pressure, quinoa and caviar are both used by people with high blood pressure, the amount of potassium in 100 grams of quinoa is 563 mg, and the amount of potassium in 100 grams is Caviar is 181 mg, which means that quinoa has almost three times as much potassium as caviar.

Both quinoa and caviar have a significant amount of protein. Foods rich in protein are very useful for muscle growth, and for this reason, protein is an important food during childhood, adolescence and pregnancy, and for athletes and those who work in fitness. The amount of protein in 100 grams of quinoa is 14 grams, and the amount of protein in 100 grams of caviar is 24 milligrams, which means that caviar has one and a half times as much protein as quinoa.

The health of bones and teeth in the body is highly dependent on calcium in the body, and calcium is a very important nutrient for bones. Calcium is a very valuable food during growth and during pregnancy. The amount of calcium in 100 grams of quinoa is 47 mg, and the amount of calcium in 100 grams of caviar is 275 mg. This means that caviar has 5 times more calcium than quinoa.

The amount of iron in the food is very important for athletes who practice intense sports or for those who suffer from iron deficiency anemia. The amount of iron in 100 grams of quinoa is 4 milligrams and the amount of iron in 100 grams of caviar is 9.11 tenths of milligrams, which means that the amount of iron in caviar is almost two and a half times that of quinoa.

Vitamin B2 or riboflavin has the property of improving nervous problems such as insomnia, stress and anxiety, as well as anti-migraine. The amount in 100 grams of quinoa is 32 milligrams and the amount of vitamin B2 in 100 grams of caviar is 62 hundred milligrams, which means that caviar has almost twice as much vitamin B2 as quinoa.

The most important difference between quinoa and caviar

The most important difference between quinoa and caviar is its price. The highest quality Iranian caviar is sold in 5 gram packages for about one million tomans and the highest quality Iranian quinoa in 250 gram packages is sold for about 25 thousand tomans. It should be noted that Hayva quinoa is the only Iranian quinoa that has a Sib Salamat license from the Food and Drug Organization. This means that the price of Iranian caviar is 160 times that of quinoa.

difference between quinoa and caviar


Now we conclude that the consumption of caviar is not affordable for all people due to its high price; But since the body also needs all the nutritional properties and values ​​found in caviar, it is good to buy quinoa, which has a reasonable price compared to caviar, to meet the needs of my body in this way so that we can have a healthy body and avoid diseases. Prevent many diseases.

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