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  • Nuts
  • Flour
  • Cake Powder
  • Superfood

The supply of quality Iranian quinoa with healthy apples from the Food and Drug Administration is one of the initiatives of this company, which has been done with the follow-up and efforts of the managers of Hayva company.


High quality packaging for quinoa and quinoa products is one of the effective ideas of Hayva executives.


Carrying out quinoa processing steps and quinoa products in the Hayva product line is one of the activities that is done exclusively for Hayva products.


Year 2018

  • Start with quinoa and roasted quinoa and quinoa flour


Year 2019

  • Obtaining an electronic trust symbol license
  • Add fat-burning nuts and protein nuts to products

health apple

Year 2020

  • Obtaining a health apple license from the Food and Drug Administration

hayva products

Year 2021

  • Product packaging upgrades
  • Add quinoa and pancake powder and quinoa chocolate


Year 2022

  • Added puffed quinoa to product
  • Brand change from Palizar to Hayva


Free and online advice to customers

hefz gheimat

Maintain a reasonable price while improving quality


Innovation and production of new products

emkan kharid

Ability to buy online and send throughout Iran

Cooking with Hayva


If you are interested in knowing the recipes for Hayva products, refer to Hayvafood Instagram page.

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