?What is the difference between red meat and quinoa

Quinoa is one of the foods that, despite its small size, has high amounts of nutrients. Despite its small size, this grain or pseudo-grain has high energy. One of the extraordinary human discoveries was made by the Incas (an empire of indigenous red-skinned people who lived in South America) and is three to four thousand years old.

In recent years, with the recognition of this nutritious seed, preparations have been made to enter the daily food basket of the body’s need for this nutrient. Now it is one of the necessary consumer goods of the people of our country. Hayva store has the honor of being a member of this big family and taking a big responsibility to be able to provide this nutritious seed safely without any worries about consumption and in the food basket for its dear customers to know enough about it. to give

The difference between red meat and quinoa

Although humans have used meat throughout evolution; But today’s meat is not what it used to be. In the past, animals roamed freely, eating grass, insects or natural foods; But today, the animal or cow that was born and raised in the factory is fed with basic nutrition and growth hormones and antibiotics.

Today, some meat products are heavily processed after slaughtering animals. They are smoked and cured, then treated with various chemical preservative nitrates.

In fact, meats can be divided into organic and non-organic categories. Organic meat is prepared from animals that have been raised naturally, without drugs, hormones, organically, and no artificial chemicals have been added to them; But in the case of non-organic meat, this is the opposite

The difference between red meat and quinoa is:




4sugar Loaf


6trans fat


8Vitamin E

9Vitamin B

10Omega 3

11Omega 6


Both beef and quinoa are high in calories. Beef calories are 131% more than quinoa. Beef has 277 calories

per 100 grams and quinoa has 120 calories per 100 grams. For the nutrient ratio, beef is much heavier in protein, much lighter in carbs, and much heavier in fat than quinoa per calorie.


Beef is significantly lower in carbohydrates than quinoa. Studies have shown that quinoa has 21.3 grams of total carbohydrates per 100 grams, which is significantly lower than beef.


Quinoa is an excellent source of complete fiber. It has more dietary fiber than beef. Quinoa has 2.8 grams of dietary fiber per 100 grams, which is very low for beef.

4.sugar Loaf

Quinoa meat contains similar amounts of sugar. Quinoa has 0.87 grams of sugar per 100 grams, while beef has lower amounts.


Beef is rich in saturated fat and quinoa contains 97% saturated fat. Beef has 7.3 grams of saturated fat per 100 grams and quinoa has 0.23 grams of saturated fat.

6.trans fat

Quinoa has less trans fat than beef. Beef has 1.2 grams of trans fat per 100 grams, and quinoa contains no significant amount.


Quinoa has less cholesterol than meat. Beef has 88 mg of cholesterol per 100 grams, which is not comparable to quinoa.

8.Vitamin E

Quinoa contains high amounts of vitamin E. Quinoa and beef contain similar amounts of vitamin E. Beef has 0.12 mg of vitamin E per 100 grams and quinoa has 0.63 mg of vitamin E.

9.Vitamin B

Beef has more niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, however quinoa contains more folate. Beef and quinoa both contain significant amounts of thiamin and riboflavin. Vitamin riboflavin in quinoa is 0.176 mg and in beef is 0.11 mg. The amount of niacin in quinoa is 4.537 mg and in beef is 0.412 mg. Vitamin B6 in quinoa is 0.336 mg, in beef it is 0.123 mg.

The amount of folate in quinoa is 42 mg, in beef it is 11 mg.

10.Omega 3

For omega-3 fatty acids, quinoa has more DHA than beef per 100 grams. Both beef and quinoa contain significant amounts of alpha-linoleic acid (ALA).

11.Omega 6

Comparing omega-6 fatty acids, quinoa has more linoleic acid per 100 grams than beef. The benefits of quinoa are great and you can get this product from quinoa sales centers in Isfahan.

When cooking meat, the ph function is increased by five levels, in this case, quinoa is recommended as a fat substitute, which increases protein fiber. High consumption of animal fat is directly related to various diseases. Including high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, coronary heart diseases, in this regard, quinoa is a suitable alternative, because its fat is not comparable to red meat.

Understanding the health effects of red meat is difficult because the product is not uniform and its effects vary based on fat content, processing, and preparation. One analysis found that processed red meat was associated with higher mortality from cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Processed meat

The International World Health Research Agency (WHO) declared meat products as a carcinogenic disease in 2015. Based on sufficient evidence in humans, consumption of processed meat causes colon cancer.

Processed meat is meat that has been subjected to salting, processing, fermentation, smoking or other processes to increase flavor or improve preservation.

It includes ham, hotdogs and some sausages. Most processed meats contain at least some red meat. Nitrates and nitrites in processed meat can be converted into nitrosamines by the human body, which can cause cancer.

For this reason, this applies even to meat products. Because meat products have many consumers.

 Eating too much meat increases the risk of gout in people whose kidneys excrete protein.

Quinoa and its products are not only not added harmful substances during preparation; Rather, the saponin (bitterness obtained from the plant itself) is washed, cleaned, and according to the taste of our dear customers, healthy ingredients such as salt, gentle heat for roasting, etc. are added, without adding preservatives. This makes the health of this seed clearer. Hayva store has the honor of being able to handle this great responsibility by trusting in God and providing high quality products to our dear customers.

Cooking time for meat and quinoa

The cooking time of meat is much longer than that of quinoa. About 40 to 50 minutes, depending on the type of meat that is estimated; But quinoa is inherently quick to prepare. It takes 15 to 20 minutes to cook. It is also easy to digest. And a great variety of food comes from cooking quinoa. Quinoa can be used in the preparation of salads, coco and burgers, soups, bread, cakes and pancakes, porridge and even to replace rice.

Keeping meat at high temperature spoils its warm environment; It leads to disease. Meat should be at frozen temperature; Keep low temperature. If quinoa does not have storage restrictions and the methods of quinoa storage are simple.

Meat and its products must be cooked. Overcooking destroys its vitamins and properties. Quinoa and its products can be consumed both raw and cooked and are very nutritious

Quinoa or meat diet

In recent years, due to the spread of diseases such as gout, cardiovascular diseases, many doctors have issued warnings about the consumption of red meat. Although red meat contains more iron and protein, it contains large amounts of cholesterol and saturated fat. The possible harms of red meat consumption have caused many governments in developed societies to spend considerable money to replace red meat.

According to the statistics published by the World Health Organization, in the United States of America, about half a million people suffer from incurable diseases every year due to the consumption of red meat. On the other hand, based on the research, excessive consumption of red meat can.

It can cause colon cancer and prostate cancer. This issue has caused many nutrition doctors to completely remove the consumption of red meat from the diet of many of their patients. When we put the benefits of meat consumption next to its disadvantages, we realize that it is much better to use a suitable alternative such as quinoa.

Quinoa, with its nutritional properties, can be a suitable and safe alternative for vegetarians. Because in addition to providing the necessary energy, protein can provide the body with the necessary materials without any side effects.

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